Welcome Spring!

So I know that it’s not technically spring yet, but there’s been so much gorgeous sunshine in my neck of the woods the last few days that I can’t help but think spring-y thoughts!

With thoughts of new flowers, buds on trees and warm breezes I decided that it was time to update our door decor. After Christmas when my wreath came down, I put up this little guy to greet guests.


He’s cute and I enjoy having something on the door after Christmas (does anyone else find that their house always looks kind of sad and empty when the holiday decor gets packed away?) but I felt like it was time to put winter away and bring on spring.

I had seen a few pictures of yarn wrapped wreaths and I absolutely love the way it looks. It gives extra texture to the wreath and has a very natural and earthy feel to it, which perfectly embodies spring time. A few of my favourites that I had pinned:

The first thing I did was wrap my foam wreath form in the yarn that I had chosen. I picked a blue yarn with flecks of cream, brown and pink in it. It kind of reminded me of a robin’s egg for some reason, and looked like spring captured in a yarn :) The wrapping part took a while, but I just watched TV while I did it so it wasn’t too bad. I also wish that I would have bought 2 skeins of yarn so that I could double up the wrapping. The one that I bought was 120 yards and I used a 14 inch wreath form, so there was a bit of yarn left over, but not enough to wrap it all again. Keep that in mind if you want a thicker look.


Next I took a fake flower that I had, covered the middle with green raffia and added a button center.


Then I made some paper flowers. My original idea was to make paper flowers that looked like this:

However, this didn’t work out so well. I’m not sure if it was the type of paper I used or if I just didn’t do it right, but they were not working out for me. So I left everything sitting on the craft room floor for a couple of days while I thought about what I was going to do. This is what I ended up with:


Not quite as pretty as the above flowers, but they were easier and turned out pretty well I think. To make them I cut out 3 different sized squares, drew a rough flower shape on the back and cut them out. Then I used a pencil to curl the edges a bit so they weren’t just flat, glued them together and gave them a button center.

Then I made a bunting banner for the top of the wreath that says “spring”. I just glued some white raffia to the wreath, cut out little triangles from the same paper that I made the flowers from, stamped the letters onto them and glued them to the raffia.



(Yes I was working on the back of a book, don’t judge.)


I hot glued a ribbon to the back to hang it from, added a few buttons scattered around the flowers to fill it in a bit and ended up with this as my final product:




What do you think? Is anyone else planning on making any spring time decor or crafts?


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