Master bedroom reveal

Well it’s been a fun filled few days since we moved in to our new place. Unpacking, organizing, doing laundry….it’s been a real thrill. Things are actually looking fairly good, minus a few areas that still need some organization and some decor items that I need to find a home for. I decided that my main goal for Sunday was going to be to get our bedroom in order. It’s so much more relaxing and peaceful to sleep in a room that doesn’t have boxes and suitcases everywhere. So I went to it and I got things in order. There will probably be some additions to the room along the way…the side of the room that has the dresser on it is pretty plain right now, but I decided to share the transformation anyway. First, some before shots:

And now the after!

So there it is!! Still a few things to add (including baseboard trim, which needs to be done throughout most of the house), but a HUGE improvement from the dirty carpet, burgundy and beige walls and drywall compound patches. Stick around, more reveals of other rooms will follow soon!

2 Responses to “Master bedroom reveal”
  1. Morgan says:

    I love the updated paint color in your master bedroom! The dark accent wall works so well with your light colored bedspread and the purple accessories!

    • nwbnstr says:

      Thank you!! I love how it turned out as well. I love purple and really wanted to incorporate it into the house somewhere. The bedroom seemed like the perfect place because I already had the bedspread with the purple embroidery on it. My fiance agreed to the colour scheme as well…the dark shade of purple is somewhat more masculine than a lighter shade would have been, and the black accents help to keep it not too feminine I think!

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