Let’s get toasty!

What do you do when your mister wants tortilla chips and salsa, but you have only salsa and no chips to dip in said salsa? You improvise!

I had some leftover whole wheat tortillas so I decided to make my own version of tortilla chips. They ended up tasting more like a hybrid of a chip and cracker, but they were delicious and the flavour options would be endless, depending on what spices you have in your cupboard. Admittedly, my spice selection is pretty pathetic right now, so my version was flavoured with only a little salt and pepper, but the next time I try this I’m definitely going to be more creative!

I started with some large whole wheat tortillas.

Next I cut the tortillas into evenly sized squares.

I then put my tortilla squares on a baking sheet, drizzled some vegetable oil (because that’s what I had, I’m sure olive oil would work just fine as well) all over them, gave them a sprinkling of S&P and then used my hands to toss them around to get each square coated in oil and seasoning. I then spread them out on the baking sheet to help them all toast properly.

Then I baked them at 350F for about 8 minutes and they were the perfect amount of crispy, toasty goodness!

I served them still warm with aforementioned salsa, and it was such a yummy snack. I’m really looking forward to making these again with different flavours….garlic, rosemary, parmesan or even cinnamon-sugar for a sweet crispy snack! (The mister didn’t like the sound of that last one, but I have a serious sweet tooth so I think it would be delish!) You could also use the pre-flavoured tortillas for an extra boost of tastiness.



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