My fabulous find!

Today I made a random trip to Winners with my sister, and I stumbled across a very fabulous find!!

I had decided that I wanted some sort of bench/storage for the end of the bed, but I wasn’t too keen on spending $100 plus for a storage bench. I had originally planned to look for something cheap from Kijiji or a thrift store and then paint it to match our decor. Well, so much for that idea…because I happened upon this:

I’m sure that a purple bench isn’t everyone’s style, but since that’s going to be the accent colour in the bedroom, this is perfect! And at $39.99, I was NOT going to leave this baby behind! My only issue with it is that the lid has to be lifted off. Maybe I can add hinges to the inside of it??

So that’s my exciting find for today…I just love what you can find at Winners/Homesense when you least expect it!


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