Game plan is in motion…

So we have a game plan for the mini-renos that will be taking place in the townhouse that we’re moving into. My wonderful parents (our soon-to-be landlords!), and my equally wonderful grandparents (yes, grandparents…they’re in their 70s but are probably more active than a lot of people 40 years younger lol) are coming down this weekend to get started on painting. Everything in the house needs to be re-painted, so it’s going to take some time. We’re away this weekend for our anniversary, so I’m feeling a bit guilty that a lot of the work will be done while we’re away relaxing, getting massages and eating delicious meals…but we only have so much time to get things done, so my lovely family is helping out A LOT. My boyfriend’s mom is coming next weekend to help out with painting and whatnot that needs to be finished, so we have a lot of help from our amazing families that will have the place looking great very soon.

Since I have no picture updates yet since nothing has really changed, I’ll post pictures of the colours that I’ve chosen as a sort of sneak peak into what will shortly be!

Kitchen/livingroom colour:

Wirework Grey by CIL

Main colour for rest of house:

Silver Sateen by Behr

Accent wall in kitchen:

Cathedral by Behr

I still need to choose a colour for both bathrooms and am still deciding on the main colour for our bedroom. I do know that we’re going to have this colour for an accent wall in the bedroom:

Purple Blanket by Behr


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